For several years Agrobex has been one of the few large companies which systematically implement the Corporate Social Responsibility program. In keeping with the maxim of Winston Churchill, that "The price of greatness is responsibility".

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a concept according to which companies, at the stage of building strategy, take into account social interests and environmental protection, as well as relations with various groups of stakeholders. By those, shall be understood people or organisations that have a direct or indirect influence on a given organisation or are influenced by its operations. The group of internal stakeholders includes among others employees, shareholders, owners, supervisory board; while the group of external stakeholders includes: customers, suppliers, local communities, authorities, financial institutions, media, competitors and trade unions. A social responsible company is an organisation that, on one hand remains open and listens to its environment, while at the same time engages in a dialogue with various groups from its environment.

The social aspects of economic activity are steadily becoming a major element of global business.  Nowadays, it is a common belief that a value of a company should not only be measured by its profit, but also by a positive impact of its core operations on society.

After all companies have legal personality, therefore they are a kind of citizens who should take care of their environment; In other words, social responsibility should not be treated as philanthropy, but rather as modern philosophy of running a business.

This is how mentioned phenomenon is perceived by the owners and authorities of Agrobex. In recent times, the company has  been involved in several non-business projects proceeding from the principles of CSR. Krzysztof Kruszona, the chairman of Agrobex, has repeatedly emphasised in public that he wants the company under his management to not only build and sell apartments and houses, but also to care for the local community in which it operates, and in which its clients and often employees live.

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