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Staff development

One of the pillars of the strong market position of Agrobex is the personnel. The owners and authorities of the company have always been guided by the principle that success is achieved by those entities that consciously place emphasise on the development of employees’ competences. At Agrobex, a responsible and transparent personnel policy, as well as building a friendly atmosphere at work serve this purpose. The company is focused on employee development, it cares about maintaining positive relations within the organisation. The company also consistently implements the employee competence improvement program and supports solutions to improve their qualifications.

Each employee is subject to an individual training cycle. The program takes into account seniority, education and experience. Agrobex not only guarantee the acquisition of various skills, but also supports educational ambitions, including postgraduate studies.

At Agrobex, care for work comfort, appropriate and positive atmosphere of interpersonal relations, solving problems of individual employees are a matter of great importance.
An expression of this importance is, for instance, the practice of determining individual working hours for pregnant woman. The company systematically organises attractive corporate retreats to foreign countries. Every two years, every employee is entitled to reimbursement of a significant amount of the holiday costs. And during Christmas, no one will be omitted by an attractive gift. Being employed at Agrobox is an opportunity for personal development, as well as work in a friendly and supportive environment.