Ladies and gentlemen

We are pleased to present to you, the customs warehouse we are in charge of. We are a company with traditions. We have extensive experienced in services related to broadly understood customs and tax services for importers and exporters.

For comfort of our clients, we have a Customs Warehouse and  a temporary storage facility on the Warsaw – Berlin A2 route, with a total surface area of 2000 m2.

Not only do we offer the storage of goods on the premises of our facilities, but an option to package the goods in order to prepare them for retail sale. This process includes sorting, repacking the goods into unit packages, etc.

We also provide you with transport services across the country and abroad with delivery of a LOCO warehouse. Thanks to the co-operation with a reputable security agency, we can guarantee full protection for each transport.

To ensure full safety, goods staged at the Customs Warehouse are covered against unfortunate incidents, theft, flooding and fire, to the full value specified in the invoice.

All of our warehouses, as well as the storage yard are protected against unauthorised trespassing, monitored 24 hours a day and under surveillance of a reputable security agency.

Customers who import goods requiring storage at low temperatures can use our cold stores, with a total surface area of 340m2  at a temperature of +2 to + 8 C

We also offer you assistance in acquiring binding BTI and WIP information. Furthermore, at your request, we can dispose of the goods in a specialised unit. 



Using the services of the Customs Warehouse prominently simplifies trade with foreign entities and brings a number of benefits.

There is a possibility to remove the goods in order to check, whether the imported freight is technically efficient, and to subject it to tests conducted by e.g., SANEPID, CIS or PZH.  

A great convenience for importers is the option to partially clear goods – which comes with payment of duty and tax only on that part of the freight which is supposed to be sold.

In case of the nonconformity of goods with the order, it is possible to return the goods to the consignor, without bearing additional costs.

It is possible to sell goods stored in the Customs Warehouse and to re-export them to a foreign contractor.

It is also possible to resell goods stored in the Customs Warehouse, with no need to calculate and pay VAT.

Over 20 years of experience in servicing customers who use our services, thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of thousands of tons of cleared goods allow us to be confident with our skills and to assure you that in the Customs Warehouse of "AGROBEX" ltd. You will encounter a friendly and professional service at the highest level. We invite you to take advantage of our offer.


With our compliments

Andrzej Kamiński
Chairman of the Board of Agrobex Logistics Ltd.
Tel. + 48 61 81 41 107