About the company

  • over 30 years on the market

  • nearly 40 completed investments

  • over 100 completed commissioned investments

  • 6,000 built apartments

  • over 390,000 m2 of built surface

  • over 150,000 m2 of realised building insulation

  • over 5,500 signed contracts





Agrobex is a company with a long tradition and high competences in the residential and commercial construction sector. We have been active on the market since 1988, and as a developer since 1997. The headquarters are located in Poznań.

In the early stage we provided construction services, building among other things, on commission, cheap apartments designed for the primary market. At the same time, we ran a customs warehouse and an Information Processing Centre. Since 1887, we have been independently engaged in development business, which to this day is our’s company main area of activity. Our portfolio is diverse, it includes both cheap apartments from the economy sector, and exclusive apartments of the highest standard. Even though the primary residential market is the leading area of our activity, over the years we have been successfully implementing commissioned investments for public, local and private institutions. Agrobex is a well-established developer, a reliable business partner and a sterling investor.

In order to ensure the highest satisfaction of our customers and partners, we implement modern management techniques, as well as technologies and materials that are safe for the environment and people. Our prominent position on the market is possible due to the constant care for the high quality of our services. Agrobex is a developer recognised in the ranking of the Wielkopolski Capital Club, as one of the most valuable brands in the region.

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