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Turnkey finishing

For customers interested in purchasing a flat, we have prepared "turnkey" interior finishing programs. It is possible to finish the flat in one of two bundles: IDEA  (750 PLN/m2) and PERFECT  (900 PLN/m2). Within each bundle, it is possible to choose a range of materials in three different compositions.

This offer was a direct response to the increasing demand of customers for ready to move in flats.

Thanks to this, you can save time you would generally spend on searching for appropriate finishing elements for your apartment, looking for a team and monitoring the progress of work.

Within the framework of individual standards, we offer a variety of materials and solutions that will allow you to acquire interesting arrangement effects. There certainly will be something for everyone to choose from.

We offer to our clients:
•    time saving
•    consulting and professional service
•    professional execution of commissions

You can purchase ready to move in apartments and flats at each of our investments i.e. Poznań, Nowe Żegrze, Poznań, ul. Wilczak 20, Zalasewo, Radosna III, Zalasewo, Radosna IV, Kleszczewo Park oraz Zielone Pobiedziska.

Ready to move in flats are time savers!


Catalogue of finishes

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